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0019386LazarusIDEpublic2012-03-17 13:35
ReporterAvishai Assigned ToVincent Snijders  
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Product Version0.9.31 (SVN) 
Summary0019386: Add LeftToRight-RightToLeft Design-Time feature?
DescriptionSome Controls have a "String Editor Dialog" to edit strings at Design-Time, I.E. TListBox.Items. It is very clumsy typing RightToLeft text in LeftToRight mode. Would it be possible to add a RadioButton or something to the "String Editor Dialog" that would toggle it to RightToLeft mode? It isn't a big issue, but it would be nice.
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2011-05-28 09:05

reporter   ~0048667

I just discovered that CTRL+RightShift puts "String Editor Dialog" in RightToLeft mode (Windows 7). CTRL+LeftShift puts it in LeftToRight mode. Maybe add a note on the Form? I don't know if this works on other platforms.

Mattias Gaertner

2011-05-28 09:53

manager   ~0048670

Every widgetset has its own support for input control. I started a wiki entry:


2011-05-29 12:24

reporter   ~0048702

Last edited: 2011-05-29 12:59

Thank you Mattias Gaertner. I think this is a good idea. Your Wiki has been very informative for me. I am "Windows Only" so I have no way to test on other platforms. I was unsure of how things are on other OS's.

Zaher Dirkey

2011-06-25 16:53

reporter   ~0049397

Ctrl+Shift(L/R) founded in old Windows also not only Windows 7
But at design time we need in "String Editor Dialog" to edit Caption or Memo or Listbox items in Right align, it is not bad idea to put PopupMenu or button or checkbox to flip BidiMode of that control in "String Editor"


2011-06-25 19:29

reporter   ~0049402

Thank you for your input Zaher. I have gotten used to CTRL+RightShift/LeftShift now so I don't have a problem. But for people that do not know about it, it is maddening. I agree that it would be nice to add something that would be obvious.

Vincent Snijders

2011-10-06 11:58

manager   ~0052624

As far as I am concerned, this is a won't fix. Lazarus should not sacrifice screen area to explain to users how their widget set works. There is also no hint like: "Press shift to type capitals instead of lower case characters".

Vincent Snijders

2012-03-13 14:27

manager   ~0057583

No further change required.

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