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0019435LazarusPrinterpublic2016-12-22 13:40
ReporterLuiz Americo Assigned ToJesus Reyes  
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Target Version1.2.0Fixed in Version1.1 (SVN) 
Summary0019435: Arabic text is not printed under Linux (Ubuntu)
DescriptionArabic text is not printed through TPrinter.Canvas.TextOut in Linux (tested in Ubuntu 11.04 and 9.04)

As a side effect both LazReport and FortesReport (,13206.0.html ) cannot print such text.

The arabic text is visible in the preview of both report components as well in the font selecting dialog.

There's an sample test attached. It works under windows.

To test Lazreport just copy the arabic text to an empty report
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Fixed in Revision40667
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related to 0015161 resolvedJesus Reyes lazreport with gtk2 and gtk2 widgetset could not print Chinese 


2011-05-28 02:38 (2,196 bytes)

Motaz Abdel Azeem

2013-01-05 09:46

reporter   ~0064635

I have test printing in Linux using QT compiled Lazarus application, the Arabic text is printed without any problem. It seems that the problem exist in GTK2


2013-01-05 11:42

developer   ~0064640

Tested on Ubuntu 11.04/GTK2 and Arabic is not printed

Anton Kavalenka

2013-01-05 16:08

reporter   ~0064651

PostScript canvas maps user-selected font name to the predefined PS font names (TimesRoman,Courier,Helvetica), which may not have complex scripts.

The same problem with Greek.

The PostScript output (TPostScriptCanvas) should be patched not to replace user-selected typeface name.


2013-01-05 17:16

developer   ~0064654

Disabling the font mapping produces mixed results:

- Fonts like Sans and Symbol do not show the Arabic characters though the character map shows that they have Arabic script

- Fonts like Arial displayed the Arabic characters, but in detached (isolated) form

Zaher Dirkey

2013-04-02 20:33

reporter   ~0066766

This example not print Arabic words
  p: TPostScriptCanvas;
  p:= TPostScriptCanvas.Create;
  P.Font.Name := 'Arial';
  P.textOut(0,0,'English with font ');
  P.TextOut(0,80,'Arabic: ');
  P.TextOut(250,80,'اللغة العربية');

Luiz Americo

2013-04-02 23:31

developer   ~0066771

@zaher: in trunk the printer uses now the canvas based in cairo (TCairoPsCanvas)


2013-04-02 23:35

developer   ~0066772

Last edited: 2013-04-03 11:55

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TPostScriptCanvas is still buggy in this regard. I am not sure if there is interest in fixing it especially that printing now uses TCairoPsCanvas instead.

Maybe TPostScriptCanvas should be marked as deprecated, while TCairoPsCanvas.BeginDoc and TCairoPsCanvas.EndDoc are changed to public. You can then use the following code (works under Linux, not tested under Windows):

  p: TCairoPsCanvas;
  p:= TCairoPsCanvas.Create;
  p.OutputFileName := '/tmp/';
  P.textOut(0,0,'English with font ');
  P.TextOut(0,80,'Arabic: ');
  P.TextOut(250,80,'اللغة العربية');

Jesus Reyes

2013-04-03 20:12

developer   ~0066785

I don't think TPostscriptCanvas should be marked as deprecated, it has at least one advantage that CairoCanvas doesn't have: It's pure pascal code and doesn't need external libraries. On the other hand, yes, TPostscriptCanvas do not support anything else than Latin and Cyrillic.

The sample as modified by Stephano doesn't work, as BeginDoc is protected, in r40701 CairoPrinter unit was introduced which should allow easier access to cairo backends. The example rewritten using cairo printer:

uses ..., graphics, cairoprinter;
  CairoPrinter: TCairoFilePrinter;
  sz: TSize;
  CairoPrinter := TCairoFilePrinter.create;
  with CairoPrinter.Canvas do
    Font.Name := 'Sans';
    Font.Size := 24; // specifying font size is important!
    TextOut(0,0,'English with font ');
    // alternative 1, depend on font size, but for size=24 both texts overlaps
    TextOut(0,80,'Arabic: ');
    TextOut(250,80,'اللغة العربية');

    // alternative 2, measure prefix
    sz := TextExtent('Arabic: ');
    TextOut(0,*1, 'Arabic: ');
    TextOut(,*1, 'اللغة العربية');

    // alternative 3, simpler
    TExtout(0,*2, 'Arabic: اللغة العربية');

Don't forget, Work is in progress!

Jesus Reyes

2013-04-03 20:16

developer   ~0066786

Damn Mantis, why do you allow to add notes but do not allow to modify them!.


This will create a 19435.pdf file on program's directory. The pdf (or the corresponding to the selected backend) extension will be added if FileName property do not include one.

raftakis ioannis

2013-09-04 14:47

reporter   ~0069724

I had the same problem for long time with Greek characters. not prinable at all from Lazarus with GTK2 Widgetset.

Finally I was able to print Greek UTF-8 Characters via Cups and Cups-pdf from Lazarus by modifying the PostScriptCanvas.pas not to map Fonts to predefined fonts, as follows:

function TPostScriptPrinterCanvas.MappedFontName: string;
  Atr: string;
Result:=Font.Name; //MOFIFICATION

My Application was ported from windows to linux and uses Firebird with UTF-8 Encoding.

I use Linux Mint 15 Debian MATE Edition with Cups and Cups-pdf Installed.

I also make a modification to TPostScriptPrinterCanvas.TextRect to correct text positioning (because TextOut(X,Y) cordinates was wrong for some reason
and the text was misplaced on LazReport.
as follows:

procedure TPostScriptPrinterCanvas.TextRect(ARect: TRect; X, Y: integer;
  const Text: string; const Style: TTextStyle);
  OldClip: TRect;
  {$IFDEF VerboseLCLTodos}{$WARNING TPostScriptPrinterCanvas.TextRect is not yet fully implemented!}
  //TODO: layout, etc.

  if Style.Clipping then
    OldClip := GetClipRect;

  //TextOut(X, Y, Text); // WRONG
  TextOut(ARect.Left, Arect.Top, Text); //CORRECT

  if Style.Clipping then

FYI: This solution has much better results (for Me) than use CairoCancvas. witch is incomplete yet.

Motaz Abdel Azeem

2014-02-16 15:11

reporter   ~0073090

I'm using Lazarus trunk version 1.3, but cairoprinter does not exist.

raftakis: could you please upload simple Lazarus application here representing your solution, thanks

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