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0019673FPCCompilerpublic2019-02-16 23:32
ReporterJoost van der Sluis Assigned ToFlorian  
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Product Version2.5.1 
Summary0019673: Problems with circular references and inline procedures.
DescriptionWhen you compile the IdGlobal unit from the attached zip-file, the IdStreamVCL unit is also compiled. But, the ppu-checksum (of the IdGlobal dependency) within the IdStreamVCL.ppu does not match the ppu-checksum of the IdGlobal.ppu itself. While they are both compiled in the same run of the compiler.

When IdGlobal is compiled for a second time, the dependencies do match.

This happens only when the IdGlobal unit has at least one inlined function, and there is a circular dependency. (When two units are referencing each-other, all goes well. The problem does occur with three units, though. As in the attached test)
Steps To Reproduce1: compile IdGlobal
2: ppudump Idlobal.ppu, look for the checksum of the IdGlobal.ppu
3: ppudump IdStreamVCL, search for the IdGlobal checksum and notice that it does not match with the checksum of step 2.
4: compile IdGlobal again
5: ppudump IdStreamVCL, now the IdGlobal checksum matches the checksum from step 2.

To do the test again, remove all .ppu files and compile again...
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duplicate of 0024121 resolvedJonas Maebe Incorrect PPU file produced: CRC for a 'Use Unit' section wrongly stored into calling unit 


2011-07-03 13:26 (777 bytes)

Jonas Maebe

2011-07-12 00:09

manager   ~0049893

That is how the inlining is implemented by design currently. The availability of an inline function body changes the unit interface checksum, so that other units using that unit will be recompiled the next time and can use the inline body (since the first time the inline body was not yet available, it could not yet be inlined).


2013-03-23 17:34

reporter   ~0066511

Unless I'm wrong, step 4 should be:
4: compile IdStreamVCL this time


2013-07-14 21:05

administrator   ~0068854

As explained by Jonas, there is no way around this.

Jonas Maebe

2014-03-19 22:54

manager   ~0073857

The availability of inline function bodies now no longer trigger recompilations.

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