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0019686PackagesLazDataDesktoppublic2011-10-14 18:54
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PlatformWINOSWindows 7 
Summary0019686: Copying/Pasting Labeld Edits
DescriptionWhen I try to change the caption of a labeled edit that I have copied/pasted from another on, the caption of the original gets updated
Steps To Reproduce1) Drop TLabeledEdit on form
2) Select and copy it
3) Paste it so that you have two
4) 2nd Labeled Edit has no label caption
5) When you set it, the label from the first labeled edit gets updated
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duplicate of 0019067 closedJuha Manninen Lazarus [patch] Duplicating (copy'n'paste) LabeledEdit objects result in the subsequent captions placed on top of the first caption 


John Repucci

2011-07-06 14:57

reporter   ~0049725

See issue: 0019067.
What seems to be happening is that the 2nd label is on top of the first object's label and the 2nd object's label is not associated (movement wise) with the 2nd object.

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