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0000020Lazaruspublic2002-05-02 04:17
ReporterBug ImportAssigned ToMattias Gaertner 
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Summary0000020: Program crashes
DescriptionGet the message:

Warning: There are 248 unreleased DCs and
679 unreleased GD TObjects

And then the program just crashes.

Also get a lot of: gtk-critical .... file gtf_range,
assertion range != NULL failed.

It's impossibel to move the form design area,
it's "glued" to the top of the screen, and lay behind
the toolbar, so the design of the form is virtual

My system:FPC 1.0, redhat 6.0 PC.
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Name: Sigurd Stordal
Mail: sigurd (at)
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WidgetsetGTK, Win32/Win64
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2002-05-02 04:17

reporter   ~0000019

MG: fixed

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