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0020043FPCDatabasepublic2011-10-15 18:21
ReporterHert Vanz Assigned ToJoost van der Sluis  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.5.1 
Fixed in Version3.0.0 
Summary0020043: BufDataSet doesn't support the ixDescending index option
DescriptionCreating an index on a TBufDataset with the descending option ixDescending included won't result in a descending index.
Steps To ReproduceCall AddIndex on a TBufDataset and include the ixDescending option and without passing specific descending fields.
Additional InformationIt is possible to specify descending fields, but when the ixDescending option for an index is included then the full index should be considered descending.

Possible solution:
In TCustomBufDataset.BuildIndex find the line

DBCompareStruct[FieldNr].Desc := (DescIndexFields.IndexOf(AField)>-1);

and change it in:
DBCompareStruct[FieldNr].Desc := (DescIndexFields.IndexOf(AField)>-1) or (ixDescending in Options);

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Fixed in Revision19496
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Marco van de Voort

2011-10-15 18:21

manager   ~0053021

Committed for now, so I hope the new bufdataset testsuite can test it more thoroughly. Thanks.

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