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0020442Packages-public2011-10-17 11:34
ReporterTommi Prami Assigned ToFelipe Monteiro de Carvalho  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.31 (SVN) 
Fixed in Version0.9.31 (SVN) 
Summary0020442: PAge Control crashes into EReadError of OnPageChanged even on WinCE
Description* Exception EReadError with message "Error reading pageState.OnPageChanged: Unknown property: "OnPageChanged""

Same happens when I click the OnPageChanged event on a IDE (On an WinCE App, not tested otherwise)

Additional InformationLazarus 0.9.31 (Rev : 32778)
FPC 2.4.4
Pocket PC 6.5 Pro

(Provide more information later, if needed)
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Fixed in Revision32937
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related to 0019903 closedFelipe Monteiro de Carvalho Lazarus [patch] TPageControl.OnChange fires twice 


Vincent Snijders

2011-10-09 12:21

manager   ~0052794

Felipe, maybe we must add the removed event to the properties to skip to prevent such breakage?

Tommi Prami, see also

Tommi Prami

2011-10-09 15:57

reporter   ~0052802


That Event is not used in any way. So where it is coming from then.

And tested with the Win32 version of the project also, with the same outcome.

From the mailing list :

"Event is not used in any way... And it is visible in the "Events list"...

And I checked the .lfm (the .dfm equivalent) and there was no trace of the Event also (I was thinking that maybe it is there and not in sync with code etc... "

Tommi Prami

2011-10-09 15:59

reporter   ~0052803


And this must be Quite new "regression" because few revisions back it worked just fine...


Flávio Etrusco

2011-10-09 16:49

reporter   ~0052804

Last edited: 2011-10-09 18:17

That's why, despite hating accumulating legacy garbage, I proposed keeping the property... 0019903
It could be implemented as a write-only property, or read in DefineProperties, so that it doesn't show in the OI.

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

2011-10-12 09:19

developer   ~0052888


Do you know how works/where is this list of properties to skip?

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

2011-10-12 09:21

developer   ~0052889


Your IDE and LCL are desynchronized. Does it work if you update your IDE?

Vincent Snijders

2011-10-17 10:29

manager   ~0053084

I would search for RegisterPropertyToSkip in the LCL to get a lot of examples.

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

2011-10-17 11:34

developer   ~0053087

Thanks for the hint =) I implemented the property skip

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