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Product Version0.9.31 (SVN) 
Summary0020445: Vertical spacing between anchored child controls not taken into account when calculating autosize of the parent
DescriptionThe attached example has two panels with three controls each.

Both panels have:
- AutoSize=True
- ChildSizing.HorizontalSpacing = 10
- ChildSizing.LeftRightSpacing = 20
- ChildSizing.TopBottomSpacing = 30
- ChildSizing.VerticalSpacing = 40

Panel1's controls are anchored to the panel and to one another.
Panel2 has ChildSizing.Layout = cclLeftToRightThenTopToBottom, ControlsPerLine=2.

If you run the example you see that the first panel size is not correct but the second is.

Change Panel1.ChildSizing.VerticalSpacing to 0. Edit2 has moved but size of Panel1 has not changed.
Do the same for Panel2. Edit6 has moved and size of Panel2 has changed vertically.

Change Panel1.ChildSizing.HorizontalSpacing to 100. Edit3 has moved and Panel1 size has changed but not only horizontally but also vertically.
Do the same for Panel2. Edit5 has moved and size of Panel2 has changed horizontally.

Maybe by mistake HorizontalSpacing value is used to calculate both horizontal and vertical size and VerticalSpacing is ignored.
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