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0020484FPCPackagespublic2016-03-07 18:53
ReporterAnton S. Assigned ToMichael Van Canneyt  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMacOSOS X 
Product Version2.4.4 
Target Version2.7.1Fixed in Version2.6.4 
Summary0020484: NetDB unable to resolve DNS when application was launched without network
DescriptionIf network is down when the application is launched then ResolveName and/or ResolveHostByName fails (one returns a negative value and other returns False), and even after the network is went online every subsequent call to ResolveName and/or ResolveHostByName will still fail.

I have a clue that this happens because when you start the app and there is no network connection /etc/resolv.conf file is pointing to no file (because /etc/resolv.conf is a link and /var/run/resolv.conf in not present) and because inside netdb's InitResolver, CheckResolveFileAge is set to False the file with resolve dns server is never reread (never updated by CheckResolveFile) on subsequent calls, so even if network goes up ResolveHostByName always return False leaving as ip...
But even if you set CheckResolveFileAge to True then it still fails because ResolveFileAge will contain the FileAge of the link /etc/resolv.conf and not the FileAge of new/updated /var/run/resolv.conf, so ResolveFileAge<FileAge(ResolveFileName) will be always False and GetDnsServers never called again.
Steps To ReproduceShutdown your network
Launch attached test application and click on Button
Restore your network and wait until it acquire IP and DNS addresses
Click again on Button
Additional InformationThe discussion related to how i'v found this bug:,14857.msg79133.html#msg79133

And as i can see from related bug it also happens on Debian.

Can this be short term solution?
{$ifdef darwin}
  SResolveFile = '/var/run/resolv.conf';
  SResolveFile = '/etc/resolv.conf';
Tagsgethostbyname, netdb, ResolveHostByName, ResolveName
Fixed in Revision23891
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related to 0019493 closedMichael Van Canneyt NETDB ResolveName unstable on Debian? Affects Indy - causes intermittent EIdResolveError 
related to 0022130 closedMichael Van Canneyt lazy initialization of fcl-net.netdb 


2011-10-14 15:36 (5,530 bytes)

Anton S.

2011-10-14 15:40

reporter   ~0052976

I can't set a related bug, it's 19493.

Michael Van Canneyt

2013-01-07 12:25

administrator   ~0064710

The bug was that the resolv.conf filename is empty if it is not found.
When checking, an empty file is checked. I fixed that.

PS. Determining file age always follows the link unless you instruct it otherwise.

Anton S.

2016-03-07 18:53

reporter   ~0090740


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