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0020614LazarusLCLpublic2014-09-25 15:57
ReporterPeder IversenAssigned ToVincent Snijders 
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Product Version0.9.30Product Build 
Target Version1.4Fixed in Version1.3 (SVN) 
Summary0020614: Pixels behavior depends on previous setting of PenMode
DescriptionI use a code that sets the Pixels Color individually. That works fine, but when the modes pmNot and bsClear have been set and then set back to pmCopy and bsSolid it seems that setting the pixels color just inverts the color.
Additional InformationA: The DrawRectangle will paint the form yellow by setting each Pixels color.
B: The "Outline" menu item will draw an inverted rectangle
After B has been used A doesn't work properly any more.

I must admit that I am a novice in programming, but a similar approach worked fine in creating a Mandelbroot type program in Delphi.

Yours Peder Iversen, Denmark.
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