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0020715LazarusIDEpublic2011-11-20 21:23
ReporterLudo Brands Assigned ToMartin Friebe  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.31 (SVN) 
Fixed in Version0.9.31 (SVN) 
Summary0020715: Codetools [TCodeCache.LoadFile] Inconsistency found when loading debugger source file
DescriptionBreaking a program in the IDE with an assembler window active brings up an exception window complaining about diskfile inconsistency. See backtrace in additional information. Clicking ignore will continue the debugger correctly but the exception is raised again for every step in the source or when hovering over a variable.
The debugger passes the filename with / as dir separator and in TCTDirectoryCachePool.GetCache AppendPathDelim(TrimFilename(Directory)) adds a \ to the directory resulting in a dir terminated with /\
Additional InformationBacktrace.

ERROR: Exception occured in TGDBMIDebuggerCommandDisassembe.DoExecute Exception
Msg="[TCodeCache.LoadFile] Inconsistency found: AFilename="C:/lazarus/fpc/svn/rt
l/inc/variants.pp" FindDiskFilename="C:/lazarus/fpc/svn/rtl/inc/\variants.pp" Co
mpareFilenames=1" Addr=0072C29D Dbg.State=Pause
  $0072C29D FINDDISKFILENAMEINCONSISTENT, line 583 of codecache.pas
  $0072C00C TCODECACHE__LOADFILE, line 598 of codecache.pas
  $0071F54A TCODETOOLMANAGER__LOADFILE, line 1120 of codetoolmanager.pas
  $00BDBA32 TASSEMBLERDLG__GETSOURCECODELINE, line 935 of C:/lazarus/debugger/
  $00BDC258 TASSEMBLERDLG__UPDATELINEDATAEX, line 1121 of C:/lazarus/debugger/
  $00BDBB32 TASSEMBLERDLG__UPDATELINEDATA, line 948 of C:/lazarus/debugger/ass
  $00BDA940 TASSEMBLERDLG__UPDATEVIEW, line 673 of C:/lazarus/debugger/assembl
  $00BD955A TASSEMBLERDLG__DISASSEMBLERCHANGED, line 488 of C:/lazarus/debugge
  $00839FF5 TIDEDISASSEMBLER__DOCHANGED, line 10279 of C:/lazarus/debugger/deb
  $00839A85 TBASEDISASSEMBLER__CHANGED, line 10150 of C:/lazarus/debugger/debu
  $00839C09 TBASEDISASSEMBLER__SETBASEADDR, line 10212 of C:/lazarus/debugger/
  $00839F6F TIDEDISASSEMBLER__DOCHANGED, line 10271 of C:/lazarus/debugger/deb
  $00839A85 TBASEDISASSEMBLER__CHANGED, line 10150 of C:/lazarus/debugger/debu
  $00839BCC TBASEDISASSEMBLER__SETCOUNTAFTER, line 10204 of C:/lazarus/debugge
  $00839F5B TIDEDISASSEMBLER__DOCHANGED, line 10270 of C:/lazarus/debugger/deb
  $00839A85 TBASEDISASSEMBLER__CHANGED, line 10150 of C:/lazarus/debugger/debu
  $00839B9C TBASEDISASSEMBLER__SETCOUNTBEFORE, line 10196 of C:/lazarus/debugg
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Fixed in Revision33649
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Martin Friebe

2011-11-20 19:09

manager   ~0054314

I can not reproduce this.

Can you attach a sample app?
How to you break? By reaching a breakpoint or pressing pause?

Martin Friebe

2011-11-20 19:26

manager   ~0054315

Please also try with r 33649

Ludo Brands

2011-11-20 19:55

developer   ~0054317

I have the rtl compiled with -gl -gs and put a breakpoint in variant.pp. It is important to have an dissasemble window open to reproduce the problem.
There were some recent changes (0020606: Codetool failure on "Find procedure") that I suspect to be linked to this. I just reverted to r33218 because r33219 introduced the FindDiskFilenameInconsistent exception. TCTDirectoryCachePool.GetCache received also a filename with / and added a \ to the dir but that didn't matter. r33219 introduced a
if FindFile(DiskFilename)<>nil then <- fails
while before it was
which just copied AFilename to Result.Filename.
I'll try r33649 now.

Ludo Brands

2011-11-20 20:17

developer   ~0054318

r33649 solves the problem. Filename is now passed to the codetools with \ dir separator. I guess FindDiskFilenameInconsistent just revealed an old existing problem. Thanks for the quick solution.

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