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0021373FPCFVpublic2020-11-15 18:14
Reportertommi boy Assigned To 
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Platformfpc 2.4.4 fpc 2.6.0 i386OSlinux 
Product Version2.4.4 
Summary0021373: Free Vision for linux platform does not properly display the Russian language.
DescriptionFree Vision for linux platform does not properly display the Russian language. The problem in the module Video, which is used in Free Vision. He is assuming that the source code written in cp437 encoding performs additional (in my case, unnecessary and harmful!) Re-encoding to utf8 in the result, instead of Russian words I see the characters. The request to the developers fix this bug.
Steps To Reproduce1) enter to editor text
     program TFirst;
     uses App, drivers, menus, objects, views;
       TMyApp = object(TApplication)
procedure InitStatusLine; virtual;

procedure TMyApp.InitStatusLine;
var R: TRect; { хранит границы строки статуса }
  GetExtent(R); { устанавливает R в координаты всего}
                              { экрана }
  R.A.Y := R.B.Y - 1; { передвигает вершину на 1 строку }
                              { выше нижней }
  StatusLine := New(PStatusLine, Init(R, { создает строку }
                                           { статуса }
    NewStatusDef(0, $FFFF, { устанавливает диапазон контекстного }
                            { Help }
      NewStatusKey('~Alt-X~ Выход', kbAltX, cmQuit, { определяет
                                                     элемент }
      NewStatusKey('~Alt-F3~ Закрыть', kbAltF3, cmClose, { другой }
      nil)), { больше нет клавиш }
    nil) { больше нет определений }

       MyApp: TMyApp;

2) compile and run
3) in theory we should see in status bar ~Alt-X~ Выход ~Alt-F3~ Закрыть
but on practice we see not readable characters
Additional InformationPlease, fix this bug, it blocked my program development
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has duplicate 0035948 resolvedFlorian Czech characters in console when using Free Pascal textmode IDE 


Marco van de Voort

2012-02-25 12:52

manager   ~0057079

Free Vision is a dos system that is unaware of unicode.

The assumption that a 1-byte char is equal to a glyph is embedded deep into the system.

tommi boy

2012-02-26 05:52

reporter   ~0057090

Last edited: 2012-02-26 09:00

Problem reproduced with unicode and one bytes charset like cp1251 and cp866 (we can choose codepage in gnome terminal). I created version of free vision used crt unit instead video unit for my own using, but it very slow draw symbols in terminal. Also crt can't hide cursor.

Anton Kavalenka

2020-10-30 20:37

reporter   ~0126671

As there is still TV/FV fans, please have a look here:

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