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0021399FPCDatabasepublic2012-03-07 19:50
ReporterCyrax Assigned ToJoost van der Sluis  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Summary0021399: Since SVN trunk revision 20424 Lazarus IDE can't be built due to changes in db.pas
DescriptionFor more information, see this bug report :

Attached patch is one step to remedy this situation.
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related to 0021376 resolvedJesus Reyes Lazarus compiler error 


2012-03-01 14:07


db.pas.patch (678 bytes)   
Index: packages/fcl-db/src/base/db.pas
--- packages/fcl-db/src/base/db.pas	(revision 20457)
+++ packages/fcl-db/src/base/db.pas	(working copy)
@@ -1614,6 +1614,7 @@
     property BlockReadSize: Integer read FBlockReadSize write SetBlockReadSize;
     property BOF: Boolean read FBOF;
     property Bookmark: TBookmark read GetBookmark write GotoBookmark;
+    property BookmarkStr: TBookmarkStr read GetBookmarkStr write SetBookmarkStr;
     property CanModify: Boolean read GetCanModify;
     property DataSource: TDataSource read GetDataSource;
     property DefaultFields: Boolean read FDefaultFields;
db.pas.patch (678 bytes)   

Marco van de Voort

2012-03-01 22:45

manager   ~0057198

No longer needed, Jesus fixed it a different way. (which is better than introducing bookmarkstr, a property that is already deprecated in Delphi for some versions)

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