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0021480LazarusLCLpublic2012-03-16 07:45
ReporterJoost van der SluisAssigned ToJesus Reyes 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.31 (SVN)Product Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.9.31 (SVN) 
Summary0021480: TValueListEditor streaming problems
DescriptionWhen loading a TValueListEditor from a resource I have a 'List index (-1) out of bounds' exception.

The problem is that for the cells-property *all* cells are written to the .lfm. Including the cells in the FixedRows region. But when the cells are read the code expects no FixedRows within the cells-property. (FixedRows is substracted from the row-index, which leads to a reference to row -1)

I don't know how to fix this properly (Why is the cells-property streamed at all?!?) so that's what this bug-report is for. The backtrace is below.

To reproduce: drop a TValueListEditor on a form, and add two strings to the TitleCaptions-property. Then run the application.

#0 fpc_raiseexception(0x9df668, 0xffffffff, 0x7ffff7fef9c0) at ../inc/
0000001 ERROR(0x7ffff7fef9c0, 0x9df668 'List index (%d) out of bounds', -1) at ../objpas/classes/
0000002 PUT(0x7ffff7fef9c0, -1, 0x7ffff0aae358 'IDL-Type=Pascal-Type') at ../objpas/classes/
0000003 SETCELLS(0x7ffff7fca410, 0, 0, 0x7ffff0aae258 'IDL-Type') at valedit.pas:464
0000004 READCELLS(0x7ffff7fca410, 0x7ffff1938700) at grids.pas:9678
0000005 DEFINEPROPERTY(0x7ffff1938700, 0xb17268 'Cells', {Proc = {procedure (POINTER, TREADER)} 0x7fffffffcc28, Self = 0x7ffff7fca410}, {Proc = {procedure (POINTER, TWRITER)} 0x7fffffffcc18, Self = 0x7ffff7fca410}, true) at ../objpas/classes/
0000006 DEFINEPROPERTIES(0x7ffff7fca410, 0x7ffff1938700) at grids.pas:9936
0000007 READPROPERTY(0x7ffff1938700, 0x7ffff7fca410) at ../objpas/classes/
0000008 READDATA(0x7ffff1938700, 0x7ffff7fca410) at ../objpas/classes/
0000009 READSTATE(0x7ffff7fca410, 0x7ffff1938700) at ../objpas/classes/
0000010 READSTATE(0x7ffff7fca410, 0x7ffff1938700) at include/
0000011 READCOMPONENT(0x7ffff1938700, 0x0) at ../objpas/classes/
0000012 READDATA(0x7ffff1938700, 0x7ffff7fc5450) at ../objpas/classes/
0000013 READSTATE(0x7ffff7fc5450, 0x7ffff1938700) at ../objpas/classes/
0000014 READSTATE(0x7ffff7fc5450, 0x7ffff1938700) at include/
0000015 READCOMPONENT(0x7ffff1938700, 0x0) at ../objpas/classes/
0000016 READDATA(0x7ffff1938700, 0x7ffff7fc4c70) at ../objpas/classes/
0000017 READSTATE(0x7ffff7fc4c70, 0x7ffff1938700) at ../objpas/classes/
0000018 READSTATE(0x7ffff7fc4c70, 0x7ffff1938700) at include/
0000019 READROOTCOMPONENT(0x7ffff1938700, 0x7ffff7fc4c70) at ../objpas/classes/
0000020 INITCOMPONENT(0x7fffffffdb70, 0x997880) at lresources.pp:3090
0000021 INITLAZRESOURCECOMPONENT(0x7ffff7fc4c70, 0x98afa0) at lresources.pp:3110
0000022 INITRESOURCECOMPONENT(0x7ffff7fc4c70, 0x98afa0) at lresources.pp:801
0000023 CREATE(0x7ffff7fc4c70, 0x0, 0x7ffff7f8e350) at include/
0000024 CREATE(0x7ffff7fc4c70, 0x1, 0x7ffff7f8e350) at include/
0000025 CREATEFORM(0x7ffff7f8e350, 0x997880, 0) at include/
0000026 main at project1.lpr:19
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Fixed in Revision36064
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