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0021605LazarusCustom Drawnpublic2012-04-13 14:19
ReporterChristian Budde Assigned ToFelipe Monteiro de Carvalho  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.30.5 (SVN) 
Fixed in Version1.1 (SVN) 
Summary0021605: Doesn't compile on Win64
DescriptionI tried to compile the canvastest on my Windows 64 machine, but it stopped compiling on line

function WindowProc(Window: HWnd; Msg: UInt; WParam: Windows.WParam;
  LParam: Windows.LParam): LResult; {$ifdef win32}stdcall{$else}cdecl{$endif};

expecting the 'stdcall' calling convention, but since customdrawn was set as widget set only the 'cdecl' calling convention was present.
Additional InformationBy defining the symbol 'win32' locally, I could compile the application, but unfortunately it stopped while caching the fonts:

#0 FREE(void) at ttmemory.pas:232
0000001 FACE_DESTROY(0xdc308) at ttobjs.pas:1770
0000002 CACHE_DONE({CLAZZ = 0x5fd170, ACTIVE = 0x0, IDLE = 0x0, IDLE_COUNT = 0}, 0xdc308) at ttcache.pas:394
0000003 TT_CLOSE_FACE({Z = 0xdc308}) at lazfreetype.pas:632
0000004 FONTSSCANFORTTF(0xa9508 'C:\Windows\Fonts\', 0xbecd0) at .\customdrawn\customdrawnproc.pas:908
0000005 TCDWIDGETSET__BACKENDLISTFONTPATHS(0x9ec20, 0xbecd0, <error reading variable>) at .\customdrawn\
0000006 TCDWIDGETSET__GENERICAPPINIT(<error reading variable>) at .\customdrawn\
0000007 TCDWIDGETSET__APPINIT({PIXELSPERINCHX = 0, PIXELSPERINCHY = 0, COLORDEPTH = 0, INITIALIZED = false}, <error reading variable>) at .\customdrawn\
0000008 TAPPLICATION__INITIALIZE(<error reading variable>) at .\include\
0000009 main at canvastest.lpr:18

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Fixed in Revision36742, 36743
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