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0021644LazarusLCLpublic2012-04-08 17:18
ReporterJD Assigned ToJuha Manninen  
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Product Version0.9.31 (SVN) 
Summary0021644: Testing calculator dialog locks up the Lazarus IDE
DescriptionHi there everyone,

When I put the Calculator Dialog on a form and then left click on it and select 'Test dialog', a modal calculator window is displayed.

But there is no way to attempt a calculation or worse to close the modal calculator window. One can only close Lazarus via the Windows Task Manager.

Behaviour was observed on Windows Vista.

I'm using Lazarus 0.9.31 svn 36335/fpc 2.6.0/i386-win32
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Fixed in Revisionr36661
WidgetsetWin32/Win64, QT
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Bart Broersma

2012-04-04 16:31

developer   ~0058292

Confirmed with Lazarus 1.1 r36560 FPC 2.6.0 i386-win32-win32/win64 (Win7 64 bit, 32-bit Lazarus)

Juha Manninen

2012-04-08 08:44

developer   ~0058403

Last edited: 2012-04-08 09:06

The exact same TCalculatorDialog.Execute is called at run time and at design time when testing the dialog.
At run time it works but at design time no mouse input is accepted.
The problem happens on Windows and on Linux with QT bindings, although on Linux the window manager lets you close the calc window.

Keyboard input is possible with QT but not on Windows. On Windows it halts the whole Lazarus and is equivalent to a crash bug.

For some reason it works correctly with GTK2 bindings!

If this cannot be fixed properly then the "Test dialog" feature should be disabled on Windows platform.

Bart Broersma

2012-04-08 09:28

developer   ~0058404

Actually, why does it have a "Test dialog" feature anyway?
Most dialogs do not have this.
Preferrably however, the root cause of this bug should be fixed.

Juha Manninen

2012-04-08 17:18

developer   ~0058409

Solved with Martin's help.
Please test.

Bart, all dialogs in palette seem to have a test feature now. It is good, gives more reason to use those graphical icons for non-graphical components.

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