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0021964LazarusIDEpublic2013-05-31 08:04
ReporterWYC Assigned ToJuha Manninen  
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version0.9.30 
Summary0021964: Hint will lose word
DescriptionPlease see the upload file picture.
OS: win7/64, linux
language: Traditional Chinese
lazarus version: all
The IDE hint will lose word. and the build program will happen too.

It happen in Chinese language( double character Environment)
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duplicate of 0022851 resolvedPaul Ishenin Hint for component on component palette is not completely visible 


2012-05-06 18:49 (150,855 bytes)

Ihor Lavrynyuk

2012-05-06 20:35

reporter   ~0059319

Last edited: 2012-05-06 20:36

yes, I have same problem

Juha Manninen

2012-06-14 22:01

developer   ~0060542

Do you guys have a "Large Font" setting turned on? Do you have a Windows theme with a font bigger than normal?
The problem does not happen on every Windows machine, does it?

Martin Friebe

2012-06-19 01:06

manager   ~0060620

I did find the following. Not sure if it is related.

THintWindow.CalcHintRect always uses "DrawText(Canvas.GetUpdatedHandle..."

But THintWindow.Paint may either use

only ThemeServices.DrawText might use another font (not sure)

It calls
  Canvas.TextRect(R, R.Left, R.Top, S, TXTStyle);
  TXTStyle.SystemFont := Canvas.Font.IsDefault;//Match System Default Style

and Canvas.TextRect, if TXTStyle.SystemFont=true does (lcl\include\
  if Style.SystemFont then
    SelectObject(DC, OnGetSystemFont());

  OnGetSystemFont := @LocalGetSystemFont;

function LocalGetSystemFont: HFont;
  Result := GetStockObject(DEFAULT_GUI_FONT);

DEFAULT_GUI_FONT is only one of many fonts, there is also SYSTEM_FONT

If on the target system DEFAULT_GUI_FONT differs from the default font (as by TFont), then the measurement would be wrong.

Juha Manninen

2013-05-31 08:04

developer   ~0067948

Resolving as duplicate.

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