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0022605FPCRTLpublic2012-08-08 21:51
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Summary0022605: HostAddrToStr6() returns result wrong way round
DescriptionAttached program tests IP address conversion from string to binary and back, and from a binary constant to a string. On little-endian (x86) systems, HostAddrToStr6() appears to behave the same as NetAddrToStr6(); on big-endian (SPARC) this appears to also affect the IP4 functions.

Also affects 2.6.0, not tested 2.6.1. Only tested on Linux.
Additional InformationAlso, when an IP4 connection is accepted on a combined IP6+4 socket on Linux an IP6 socket is returned with a peer address such as ::ffff:ab:cd:ef:01.

There appears to be a convention in e.g. Linux ping6 that this is rendered as e.g. ::ffff:, could this be added as an option to NetAddrToStr6()?
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Ludo Brands

2012-08-08 21:12

developer   ~0061525

Regarding the text representation of IPv4 addresses in IPv6 notation see paragraph 2.2.3 paragraph 5 actually recommends the mixed notation.

Mark Morgan Lloyd

2012-08-08 21:51

reporter   ~0061526

Thanks for those Ludo. The comment on representation of port numbers in the second reference is particularly apposite.

I realised shortly after posting that my comment on big-endian (SPARC) systems doesn't make sense under the circumstances.

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