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0022778LazarusLCLpublic2012-09-27 19:09
ReporterJohn Kelly Assigned ToZeljan Rikalo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.0.0 
Summary0022778: Crash using vsIcon or vsSmallIcon views in GTK2 TListView
DescriptionOn a Listview component, when in vsIcon or vsSmallIcon viewstyle, with MultiSelect:=true and DragMode:=dmAutomatic, clicking anywhere in the ListView starts an unwanted rubberband select operation. This can only be stopped by a left or right click. Left click gives a crash -
Gtk:ERROR:gtkiconview.c:2396:gtk_icon_view_start_rubberbanding: assertion failed: (!icon_view->priv->doing_rubberband)
Aborted (core dumped)

Right click stops the operation but leaves nothing selected.
Additional InformationThis is on Fedora 17, x86_64.
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Fixed in Revision38519
WidgetsetGTK 2
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related to 0022991 closedZeljan Rikalo Cancelling a modal form initiated from a TListview double click results in an inappropriate rubberband select operation. 


2012-09-02 10:24


listview.tgz (128,178 bytes)

Zeljan Rikalo

2012-09-05 07:54

developer   ~0062081

hm....seem that it will be hard or even impossible to fix this under gtk2.
It calls gtk_icon_view_start_rubberbanding() if icon view is in multiple selection mode, and I cannot find the way to stop it. That call uses mouse grabber and that's why it crashes. gtk_icon_view_stop_rubberbanding() and gtk_icon_view_start_rubberbanding() are private procs in gtk2 GtkIconView so no way to access it.

Zeljan Rikalo

2012-09-05 09:15

developer   ~0062084

Last edited: 2012-09-05 09:16

Please test and close if ok.
I've tested with gtk2-2.8.15 (FC3), gtk2-2.22 (FC14) and gtk2-2.24 (FC16 64bit).
Also, I'll add this commit into fixes_10 so it will be in 1.0.2 in a few weeks.


2012-09-05 09:34

reporter   ~0062087

Works here in Revision 38519.
gtk2-2.24.7-2.5.1.x86_64 OpenSuse 12.1

Thanks Zeljko!

John Kelly

2012-09-27 19:09

reporter   ~0062697

Thanks Zeljan

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