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0023047PackagesLazReportpublic2012-10-07 21:45
ReporterAlexandr Assigned ToBart Broersma  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version1.0.0 
Summary0023047: Strings Editor Dialog hides at each "Enter" button press
DescriptionStrings editor dialog hides on each "Enter" press.

I have a ComboBox, Im' need to input same trings in it items.
I'm found "Items" propety and press "..." button.
"Strings Editor Dialog" is opened.
I'm wrote:
Windows //<Now I'm need go to new line, I press "Enter" on keyboard>
//<"Strings Editor Dialog" hidden>
//<I'm found "Items" propety and press "..." button.>
//<"Strings Editor Dialog" showed, and carret change own poosition to 1 line, 1 char>
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duplicate of 0022666 closedMattias Gaertner Lazarus ENTER Key behavior on String Editor 


Bart Broersma

2012-10-03 12:35

developer   ~0062845

Duplicate of 0022666
This issue has been fixed in 1.0.2 and trunk.
As a workaround use Shift+Return in the editor.
You can also apply the changes from revision r38427 and rebuild lazarus.

Please close


2012-10-07 21:45

reporter   ~0062982

Problem resolved.

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