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0023472FPCRTLpublic2020-12-01 10:11
ReporterMaxim Ganetsky Assigned ToMichael Van Canneyt  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Summary0023472: CkSum compatible CRC implementation
DescriptionAttached unit contains CkSum compatible CRC implementation.

It would be good to include it to crc unit.

Please see the following link for details about CkSum:
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2012-12-11 22:28


cksumunit.pas (3,690 bytes)   
unit cksumunit;

{$mode objfpc}{$H+}


//CkSum compatible CRC32 function
function CkSum(sum: longword; buf: PByte; len: longword): longword;


  cksum_table: array[byte] of longword = (
  $04c11db7, $09823b6e, $0d4326d9, $130476dc, $17c56b6b,
  $1a864db2, $1e475005, $2608edb8, $22c9f00f, $2f8ad6d6,
  $2b4bcb61, $350c9b64, $31cd86d3, $3c8ea00a, $384fbdbd,
  $4c11db70, $48d0c6c7, $4593e01e, $4152fda9, $5f15adac,
  $5bd4b01b, $569796c2, $52568b75, $6a1936c8, $6ed82b7f,
  $639b0da6, $675a1011, $791d4014, $7ddc5da3, $709f7b7a,
  $745e66cd, $9823b6e0, $9ce2ab57, $91a18d8e, $95609039,
  $8b27c03c, $8fe6dd8b, $82a5fb52, $8664e6e5, $be2b5b58,
  $baea46ef, $b7a96036, $b3687d81, $ad2f2d84, $a9ee3033,
  $a4ad16ea, $a06c0b5d, $d4326d90, $d0f37027, $ddb056fe,
  $d9714b49, $c7361b4c, $c3f706fb, $ceb42022, $ca753d95,
  $f23a8028, $f6fb9d9f, $fbb8bb46, $ff79a6f1, $e13ef6f4,
  $e5ffeb43, $e8bccd9a, $ec7dd02d, $34867077, $30476dc0,
  $3d044b19, $39c556ae, $278206ab, $23431b1c, $2e003dc5,
  $2ac12072, $128e9dcf, $164f8078, $1b0ca6a1, $1fcdbb16,
  $018aeb13, $054bf6a4, $0808d07d, $0cc9cdca, $7897ab07,
  $7c56b6b0, $71159069, $75d48dde, $6b93dddb, $6f52c06c,
  $6211e6b5, $66d0fb02, $5e9f46bf, $5a5e5b08, $571d7dd1,
  $53dc6066, $4d9b3063, $495a2dd4, $44190b0d, $40d816ba,
  $aca5c697, $a864db20, $a527fdf9, $a1e6e04e, $bfa1b04b,
  $bb60adfc, $b6238b25, $b2e29692, $8aad2b2f, $8e6c3698,
  $832f1041, $87ee0df6, $99a95df3, $9d684044, $902b669d,
  $94ea7b2a, $e0b41de7, $e4750050, $e9362689, $edf73b3e,
  $f3b06b3b, $f771768c, $fa325055, $fef34de2, $c6bcf05f,
  $c27dede8, $cf3ecb31, $cbffd686, $d5b88683, $d1799b34,
  $dc3abded, $d8fba05a, $690ce0ee, $6dcdfd59, $608edb80,
  $644fc637, $7a089632, $7ec98b85, $738aad5c, $774bb0eb,
  $4f040d56, $4bc510e1, $46863638, $42472b8f, $5c007b8a,
  $58c1663d, $558240e4, $51435d53, $251d3b9e, $21dc2629,
  $2c9f00f0, $285e1d47, $36194d42, $32d850f5, $3f9b762c,
  $3b5a6b9b, $0315d626, $07d4cb91, $0a97ed48, $0e56f0ff,
  $1011a0fa, $14d0bd4d, $19939b94, $1d528623, $f12f560e,
  $f5ee4bb9, $f8ad6d60, $fc6c70d7, $e22b20d2, $e6ea3d65,
  $eba91bbc, $ef68060b, $d727bbb6, $d3e6a601, $dea580d8,
  $da649d6f, $c423cd6a, $c0e2d0dd, $cda1f604, $c960ebb3,
  $bd3e8d7e, $b9ff90c9, $b4bcb610, $b07daba7, $ae3afba2,
  $aafbe615, $a7b8c0cc, $a379dd7b, $9b3660c6, $9ff77d71,
  $92b45ba8, $9675461f, $8832161a, $8cf30bad, $81b02d74,
  $857130c3, $5d8a9099, $594b8d2e, $5408abf7, $50c9b640,
  $4e8ee645, $4a4ffbf2, $470cdd2b, $43cdc09c, $7b827d21,
  $7f436096, $7200464f, $76c15bf8, $68860bfd, $6c47164a,
  $61043093, $65c52d24, $119b4be9, $155a565e, $18197087,
  $1cd86d30, $029f3d35, $065e2082, $0b1d065b, $0fdc1bec,
  $3793a651, $3352bbe6, $3e119d3f, $3ad08088, $2497d08d,
  $2056cd3a, $2d15ebe3, $29d4f654, $c5a92679, $c1683bce,
  $cc2b1d17, $c8ea00a0, $d6ad50a5, $d26c4d12, $df2f6bcb,
  $dbee767c, $e3a1cbc1, $e760d676, $ea23f0af, $eee2ed18,
  $f0a5bd1d, $f464a0aa, $f9278673, $fde69bc4, $89b8fd09,
  $8d79e0be, $803ac667, $84fbdbd0, $9abc8bd5, $9e7d9662,
  $933eb0bb, $97ffad0c, $afb010b1, $ab710d06, $a6322bdf,
  $a2f33668, $bcb4666d, $b8757bda, $b5365d03, $b1f740b4

function CkSum(sum: longword; buf: PByte; len: longword): longword;
var i: longword;
  if buf=nil then

  //Calculating data CRC
  for i:=0 to len-1 do
    sum:=(sum shl 8) xor cksum_table[((sum shr 24) xor buf^) and $FF];

  //Adding data length to CRC
  while len>0 do
    sum:=(sum shl 8) xor cksum_table[((sum shr 24) xor len) and $FF];
    len:=len shr 8;

  Result:=not sum;


cksumunit.pas (3,690 bytes)   

José Mejuto

2012-12-11 23:25

reporter   ~0064251


Your port has a flaw, the most important one is that the function must not accept "sum" as parameter because operations are not "chainable" like CRC ones. So you can write 2 functions "CkSum" and "CkSumFinalize", the last one adds the size to the "crc".

Anyway the CkSum function is IMHO a flawed design from the very first version, not defining which a "block" is, and now that they define "octects" as the block size, they do not define if the file length is added as BYTE, WORD, DWORD, QWORD... so the same function with same file in different architectures produces different CkSum values. The data length should be added in ASCII base 10 and problem solved, but not.

Mark Morgan Lloyd

2012-12-12 22:15

reporter   ~0064264

Would it be possible to use crcmodel.pas and crcm_cat.pas which are already in peazip? These have about the best range of CRCs etc. that I've seen, including different widths: I use them for serial data analysis.

Maxim Ganetsky

2020-11-29 00:53

reporter   ~0127251

Is there any interest in this code/suggestion at all? If not, then better resolve this issue as "won't fix".

Michael Van Canneyt

2020-12-01 10:11

administrator   ~0127289

There is interest.

But some bugs for some reason never get noticed.
I certainly didn't notice it, and I do scan the open bug list from time to time :-(
I assigned it to myself, so it will be treated.

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