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0023791LazarusWidgetsetpublic2013-01-31 01:55
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Summary0023791: GTK2 / Win32: -- Gtk TRadioButton.Visible := True triggers OnChange event / Win does not update
DescriptionActually the difference 2 windows is that GTK *does* change the "checked" property in a radiobox different than windows does. (not tested QT)

See steps to reproduce. Expected behaviour(s):

1&2) Same (or more similar) behaviour accross platforms

1) Not sure what behaviour to expect. (Both widgetset have some unexpected behaviour)

1a) After button2 a single radio is visible. The state should be the same cross platform (either checked on all platforms, or not checked)

If it is checked, then there actually is a change and then maybe there should be an event (currently it is not).
However adding an event here, may cause problems for existing apps

1b) After Button1 one radio should be checked: Windows seems wrong here, by having 2 unchecked radios. (If both were to be unchecked, then a change occured, and on windows there is no event / which again would be dangerous to be added)

2) Currently wrong in GTK2

In this case the original checked settings are kept (related to 0017281 ?).
This is expected behaviour, and correct on both platforms.

This means in this case GTK2 is expected NOT to trigger the event (it currently does)
Steps To ReproduceSee attached app: 2 radiobuttons on a form. Both initially invisible.

Press Button2, then press button 1
* Windows: no event, both radios *not* checked
* GTK: When press Button2, then radio2 becomes visible, and will be checked, yet no event. Then button one both radios visible, radio1 will be checked. OnChange occurs

2) Press button 3: Same results
* Windows: no event, both radios *not* checked (actually radio1 should be checked)
* GTK: radio1 checked (that is actually correct) OnChange occurs
Additional Informationsee also 0023785, which was caused by this. (point 2)

May be related to: 0017281
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WidgetsetGTK 2, Win32/Win64
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Martin Friebe

2013-01-30 14:03

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Luiz Americo

2013-01-31 01:55

developer   ~0065331

IMO, the behavior of windows is correct. The fact that gtk2 always select a radio button is due to a limitation of the widgetset (it's possible to overcome but i never have time to do it).

I'll see what can be done in gtk2

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