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0024107LazarusLCLpublic2015-02-06 18:12
ReporterSven Barth Assigned ToStephano  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.0.4 
Summary0024107: WinCE: ClipRect of controls not working correctly
DescriptionAs seen in issue 0024106 a control can draw beyond it's Canvas. To workaround this I had the idea to use Clipping and ClipRect, but that had it's one share of problems, because it seems that the clipping region is anchored on the form's upper right instead of the control's upper right (so I need to move the clipping region by the control's position to get the correct one).
Additional InformationAttached is an example which draws a red rectangle into a PaintBox surrounded by a frame. This rectangle is created by setting the ClipRect and then drawing a rectangle for the complete size of the Canvas. On Win32 this results in a rectangle that starts at 10,10 of the control and contiues to its center. On WinCE howver the control starts at 0,0 of the control and stops somewhere in between.
If you now check the CheckBox which tells the OnPaint handler to offset the clipping rect by the PaintBox's coordinates then the rectangle is drawn to the correct position.
Tagscliprect, wince
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related to 0017249 closedFelipe Monteiro de Carvalho ClipRect, ExcludeClipRect not work after SetWindowOrgExt 
related to 0024106 assignedStephano WinCE: TGraphicControl can draw beyond it's Canvas 


Sven Barth

2013-03-21 17:26

manager (128,465 bytes)

Zaher Dirkey

2013-03-31 09:38

reporter   ~0066658

It is related to this old solved bugs [^]

Zaher Dirkey

2013-03-31 10:08

reporter   ~0066659

I have tested it with my device, yes this bug is return.

Zaher Dirkey

2013-03-31 10:36

reporter   ~0066661

Last edited: 2013-03-31 10:40

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Zaher Dirkey

2013-04-03 20:48

reporter   ~0066787

Please open lazarus\lcl\interfaces\wince\

Find and remove commenting from it the to be like this

function TWinCEWidgetSet.IntersectClipRect(dc: hdc;
  Left, Top, Right, Bottom: Integer): Integer;
  Result := Windows.IntersectClipRect(DC, Left, Top, Right, Bottom);

Please test it and other bugs related to it.

Zaher Dirkey

2013-04-03 22:00

reporter   ~0066788

Last edited: 2013-04-04 16:15

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Maybe IntersectClipRect not supported with older WinCE, but it is work in Wince5
we can omit it with define like
{$ifndef OLDWINCE}
Result := Windows.IntersectClipRect(DC, Left, Top, Right, Bottom);
{$endif OLDWINCE}

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