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0024134LazarusDatabase Componentspublic2013-03-29 22:01
ReporterDaniel Simões de Almeida Assigned ToBart Broersma  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.1 (SVN) 
Fixed in Version1.1 (SVN) 
Summary0024134: TDBedit maskedit verification on Exit, crashes the Application
DescriptionWhen TDBedit has a MaskEdit, the application crashes when exiting TDBedit after the Invalid Mask message is showed...

Lazarus 1.1 from SVN
FPC: 2.7.1 from 2013-03-20
Steps To ReproduceThe attached project application can demonstrate how to reproduce the problem
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Fixed in Revisionr40660
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Daniel Simões de Almeida

2013-03-25 13:55


Daniel Simões de Almeida

2013-03-25 16:57


maskedit.pp.patch (1,085 bytes)   
Index: maskedit.pp
--- maskedit.pp	(revision 40640)
+++ maskedit.pp	(working copy)
@@ -1615,14 +1615,16 @@
   //Do not validate if FValidationFailed, or risk raising an exception while the previous exception was
   //not handled, resulting in an application crash
-  if IsMasked and (FTextOnEnter <> Inherited Text) and (not FValidationFailed) then
+  if IsMasked and (FTextOnEnter <> Inherited Text) then
     //assume failure
       //debugln('TCustomMaskedit.DoExit: try ValidateEdit');
-      FValidationFailed := True;
-      ValidateEdit;
-      FValidationFailed := False;
+      if (not FValidationFailed) then
+      begin
+        ValidateEdit;
+        FValidationFailed := False;
+      end ;
       if FValidationFailed then
@@ -1967,6 +1969,7 @@
     if not TextIsValid(S) then
+      FValidationFailed := True;
       Raise EDBEditError.Create(SMaskEditNoMatch);
maskedit.pp.patch (1,085 bytes)   

Daniel Simões de Almeida

2013-03-25 16:58

reporter   ~0066554

I attached a suggestion for a Patch

Bart Broersma

2013-03-28 14:26

developer   ~0066604

I'm unclear how this patch would solve it?
The logic behind the original code was to never call ValidateEdit if FValidationFailed = True.
Since ValidateEdit is the only place where the exception is raised.
Your patch (maybe I'm wrong?) does the same but in a diferent place.
Mind you that FValidationFailed will remain True in the original code if validation fails, because this will raise an exception and the next statement (FValidationFailed := False; ) will never be executed.

In your sample program please verify that in the originalmaskedit code FValidationFailed is False when ValidateEdit is called (insert a debugln at the appropriate place).

I cannot test, since I have no database components installed on any of my machines.

Daniel Simões de Almeida

2013-03-28 16:00

reporter   ~0066605

Hi Bart,

Thanks for answering...

The problem is that the procedure TDBEdit.UpdateData do a direct call to TCustomMaskEdit.ValidateEdit... and this cause a EDBEditError.Create(SMaskEditNoMatch)... this exception will be triggers again during the TCustomMaskEdit.DoExit, and this causes the Application crash

Moving the FValidationFailed = True to inside the procedure TCustomMaskEdit.ValidateEdit can prevent the Second Exception to be raised.

Bart Broersma

2013-03-28 18:53

developer   ~0066609

Thanks for the analysis and the patch.
Applied in r40660. Please test and close if OK.

Daniel Simões de Almeida

2013-03-29 22:01

reporter   ~0066628

Fixed... Thank you

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