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0024843LazarusDatabasepublic2014-03-10 11:26
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Summary0024843: Code issue in functions TWideStringField GetAsString & SetAsString
DescriptionMissing conversion UTF8String <--> UnicodeString.
If it was supposed automatic conversion, it does not work.

//=== original =====================

function TWideStringField.GetAsString: string;
  Result := GetAsWideString;

procedure TWideStringField.SetAsString(const aValue: string);

//=== correct code =====================

function TWideStringField.GetAsString: string;
  Result := UTF8Encode(GetAsWideString);

procedure TWideStringField.SetAsString(const aValue: string);
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Jonas Maebe

2013-08-08 15:31

manager   ~0069296

Those functions are declared as setting/returning ansistrings, not as setting/returning UTF-8 strings. What you are asking for would be extra methods called GetAsUtf8String and SetAsUtf8String or so.


2013-08-08 15:43

reporter   ~0069297

Last edited: 2013-08-08 16:04

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Visual controls used GetDisplayText -> GetText -> GetAsString :(

IMHO, all methods should use UTF8 string only (important unambiguous interpretation of programmer; code of visual components remains in its original state). To retrieve the value in native format, there is a corresponding method: GetData.

If the same variable of type string may contain a different character encoding is a programmer's nightmare. Together with the automatic conversion of a double nightmare. :(

Jonas Maebe

2013-08-08 15:48

manager   ~0069298

That's a Lazarus issue.


2013-08-12 07:30

developer   ~0069344

This kind of reports appears periodicaly ;-) (see for example 0012206)
(I was also confused with this when I came to using Lazarus/FPC)
General answer in this case is, that TField (part of FCL) is "character encoding agnostic". It means, that user may request other encoding than UTF8 (which is expected by LCL - Lazarus).
So when you work with Lazarus you must setup connection (TSQLConnection) to use "connection encoding"=UTF8 . In this case you will retrieve from database character data encoded in UTF8 and they will be properly displayed in Lazarus DB-aware controls.

Reinier Olislagers

2014-03-10 11:26

developer   ~0073590

See Lacak's remark. If wanted, reporter could update the Lazarus wiki with the relevant information, as this is currently a documentation issue.

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