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0024950LazarusIDEpublic2015-03-13 12:17
ReporterBart Broersma Assigned ToMattias Gaertner  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.1 (SVN) 
Summary0024950: Wrong placement of close statement for Pascal blocks when cursos is at end of includefile.
DescriptionIf you are at the end of an includefile and write a new procedure/function, and you have the option "Add close statement for Pascal blocks" turned on and you type:

procedure bar;

| is Cursor position

Then press Enter:

Expected result:

procedure bar;

But instead the "end;" is inserted in the main file that has the include directive, directly after the include directive, so it ens up like:


If inside procedure bar you continue typing

procedure bar;

and press enter, the finally..end ends up in the main unit:

{$i} finally
Steps To ReproduceOpen attached example.
Go to
At end of file type:

procedure bar;

(| is cursor position)
Press enter.
Additional InformationI attached editoroptions.xml
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Fixed in Revision
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has duplicate 0027661 resolvedMattias Gaertner Autocomplete in Inc file: "end" added into outer file 


Bart Broersma

2013-09-03 13:47

developer (2,105 bytes)

Bart Broersma

2013-09-03 13:48


editoroptions.xml (860 bytes)   
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <EditorOptions Version="9">
    <Display DisableAntialiasing="True" DoNotWarnForFont="Courier New">
      <MarkupCurrentWord Time="4000" FullLen="4"/>
        <Version Value="6"/>
    <CodeTools CodeTemplateFileName="C:\Users\Bart\AppData\Local\lazarus\lazarus.dci" CompletionLongLineHintTypeCompletionLongLineHintType="sclpExtendRightOnly"/>
      <Default Version="1"/>
    <Color Version="9">
      <Globals Version="9">
          <ahaHighlightWord Background="clNone" FrameColor="clNone"/>
      <Editor ShowTabCloseButtons="False"/>
editoroptions.xml (860 bytes)   

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