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0025310LazarusLazReportpublic2014-03-10 21:23
ReporterJean Patrick Assigned ToJesus Reyes  
Status closedResolutionnot fixable 
Product Version1.2.0RC1 
Summary0025310: Error in file, compiled on Win 64 bits
DescriptionError in file, compiled on Win 64 bits, when the default printer is a network printer that is unavailable. In Windoiws 64 bits.
The error does not occur when compiled in 32 bits.
Steps To ReproduceHow to reproduce: set the Windows default printer to a network printer that is not available, insert into a form one frReport (LazReport) and compile in 64-bit Win. The error appears early on as shown in the images attached.
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duplicate of 0023026 closedJesus Reyes Program crashes if printer units are added to project under windows 64bit 


Jean Patrick

2013-11-12 01:13

reporter (17,839 bytes)

Jean Patrick

2013-11-12 02:53

reporter   ~0071273

Just complementing, the error occurs with any printer offline. Even when the printer offline is not the default, but when it is selected in the preview of the LazReport, the error occurs.

Jean Patrick

2013-11-12 22:55

reporter   ~0071290

A call was made to test the Lazarus version 1.2 RC1.
There was duplication in Reporting the error because it was not fixed in the version that is to be stabilized.
The error is too serious to be left alone in the SVN version.

Jesus Reyes

2013-11-12 23:05

developer   ~0071291

Ok, no problem.

But this is an FPC 2.6.2 issue not a Lazarus issue. The problem does not occur if using FPC 2.7.1.

As Lazarus 1.2 binary will be distributed with FPC 2.6.2. This is something to think about.

Jean Patrick

2013-11-13 00:24

reporter   ~0071294

Got it. Really, this is a problem.

If there is no alternative, it only remains to close the case.

Jesus Reyes

2014-03-10 21:22

developer   ~0073617

Not fixable because FPC 2.6.2 problem, see inked report.

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