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0025468PackagesLCLpublic2020-03-26 18:16
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Product Version1.3 (SVN) 
Summary0025468: TTabControl background color
DescriptionWith classic windows theme, TTabControl used as the background color selected color for the desktop. With other themes working properly.
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related to 0033905 new Lazarus TTabSheet does not follow theme color 



2014-02-06 03:47

reporter   ~0072872

A possible fix for this. It currently paints the background using clBackground, perhaps it should use something like clBtnFace? The constant clBackground =$80000001 which appears to be the DESKTOP background color (and not the application workspace background that was possibly originally implied).

{in themes.pas : TThemeServices.DrawElement}
        if Details.Part in [TABP_PANE, TABP_BODY] then
          FillWithColor(ARect, clBtnFace{clBackground}); //rr

Derit Agustin

2014-02-23 06:28

reporter   ~0073226

You can use the panel and change color

Kazimierz Król

2014-08-25 19:39

reporter   ~0076713

Not that simple. The horizontal bevel just under the tabs still has wrong colour, and when the Panel is moved up to cover it, the bevel effect goes away.

Bart Broersma

2020-03-26 18:16

developer   ~0121721

Deleted possible malicious atachment.

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