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0025803LazarusLazReportpublic2014-03-10 13:30
ReporterLacaKAssigned ToJesus Reyes 
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Target Version1.4Fixed in Version1.3 (SVN) 
Summary0025803: OnUserFunction event handler is not called for nested function
DescriptionWhen I use in report in summary band, expression like:
and I have defined OnUserFunction event handler for report, for this nested function (MyFunc), event hander is not called
  (but when I use only [MyFunc(field1)] then event handler is invoked)

I did also attempts with Variables:
and I have defined new Variable:
but OnUserFunction event handler was also not invoked.
Additional InformationI need do "conditional sum" in summary band.

I have tried also:
but it does not work also. May be, that "if" returns string and string cannot be sumed ;-)

Would it be possible add more functions into standard set of internal function like: "strtoint", "strtofloat" so we will be able use:
  [sum(strtofloat(if(field1<10, field2, '0')))]
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Fixed in Revision44374
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Jesus Reyes

2014-03-08 05:27

developer   ~0073543

Things like SUM(MyFunc([Field1],[Field2]), BandName) should now work, please test.


2014-03-10 13:30

developer   ~0073598

Seems, that it works as expected.
Thank you very much.

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