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0026324LazarusPackagespublic2015-01-24 22:31
ReporterAlexey Tor.Assigned ToMartin Friebe 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.2.2Product Build 
Target Version1.6Fixed in Version1.5 (SVN) 
Summary0026324: SynMemo: need published for some props

Are not published and NOT visible in IDE ObjInspector. Need it.
MouseActions/MouseSelActions published, MouseTextActions not
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Fixed in Revision47510
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Martin Friebe

2014-06-11 02:11

manager   ~0075624

Please note: SynMemo is 99% identical with SynEdit (it has nothing to do with an actual Memo).

The ONLY diff is, it adds:

    procedure Append(const Value: String);
    procedure Clear;
both the same as TSynEdit.lines.*

    function CharIndexToRowCol(Index: integer):
    function RowColToCharIndex(RowCol: TPoint):
Not available in SynEdit, but NOT encouraged to be used, as the implementation is very slow.

It will eventually be deprecated. So SynEdit should be used.

Still, once I have time I will publish those.

Alexey Tor.

2014-06-11 02:21

reporter   ~0075625

Yes, pls publish those.

Martin Friebe

2015-01-24 22:31

manager   ~0080564

I published:

ReadOnly was already published (or maybe in he meantime).

ShareOptions is experimental. Also all other Share functionality is intentionally only available through code. Therefore ShareOptions will not be published.

I also added Append~() and Clear() to SynEdit.
Note there is a slight difference between the ones on synmemo and synedit.
In SynMemo they work on committed space (trailing spaces are not included, nor will they be removed (if feature is enabled)
In SynEdit they will include/deal with trailing spaces.

In both cases, they do not add undo info, and undo info will not work if they have been used.
SynEdit offers plenty of methods that vill work with undo info.

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