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0026527LazarusLCLpublic2014-08-25 09:08
ReporterpYskalAssigned ToMaxim Ganetsky 
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Product VersionProduct Build44758 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.4 
Summary0026527: In Lazarus PO translation mode: Strings marked as FUZZY are displayed.
DescriptionWhen using PO files to translate Lazarus apps, some strings are marked as FUZZY.
When PO files are used in native *nix apps, strings marked at FUZZY are a ignored.
But Lazarus does not ignore them, which is definitely a problem, because such strings often occur after automatic translation with for example PoEdit, whose automatic translations are often disastrous.
[code]#: tfobject3d.rendering.caption
#, fuzzy
msgid "Rendering"
msgstr "Измазване"[/code]
In an application, the displayed text shall be „Rendering“, because the entry is marked as fuzzy, but in Lazarus apps displayed text is „Измазване“.
Steps To ReproduceOpen a translation file for you language in ..\lazarus\languages\lazaruside.*.po
Edit the following entry

#: lazarusidestrconsts.lismenufile
#, fuzzy
msgid "&File"
msgstr "whatever_content"

#: lazarusidestrconsts.lismenufile
#, fuzzy
msgid "&File"
msgstr "&WrongContent"

Save the PO file and restart the Lazarus IDE.
In the main menu you will see „WrongContent“ instaed of „File“.
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Fixed in Revision46044
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related to 0026423 closedMaxim Ganetsky Recent changes in resourcestring format has lead to incompatible format arguments in several po files. 


Maxim Ganetsky

2014-08-15 00:11

developer   ~0076604

Thanks for the hint!

Please test and close if OK.

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