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0026658LazarusLCLpublic2014-09-05 19:37
ReporterMarkus MüllerAssigned ToJesus Reyes 
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Product Version1.2.4Product Build 
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Summary0026658: TDBGrid make a TDataset.Cancel after exit Focus
DescriptionWhen the focus is in the TDBGrid and I take "Append" on TDataset, and then switch into (mouseclick) a TDBEdit then the TDBGrid lost focus and make cancel from the new Append command.
Steps To ReproduceLoad in attachment my demo, start it

- Click in the TDBGrid into Line "Zeile 2"
- Click the TSpeedButton "Append"
- Click into TDBEdit

Then there comes the Cancel Event vom TDataSet
Additional InformationThis demo use TMemoryDatase. My original application has from Zeos the TZQuery, but it's the same.
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Markus Müller

2014-08-31 14:06

reporter (128,798 bytes)

Markus Müller

2014-08-31 14:27

reporter   ~0076803

In an prior Lazarus version was dgCancelOnExit not set. Now in the current Version 1.2.4 is it set to TRUE.
Please correct this default value back to FALSE.

Jesus Reyes

2014-09-03 05:05

developer   ~0076855

dgCancelOnExit has been set to true by default since it's implementation 10 years ago.

What Lazarus version (revision)?.

Markus Müller

2014-09-03 10:34

reporter   ~0076860

I think you have right. This option was set in SVN41721, too.
I think there was something wrong from update from this old SVN Version to the new official 1.2.4. But I do not know from what/where this set bit is coming (my source is very big).

You can close this Bugreport.

But I think it was better when then option dgCancelOnExit is false.


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