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0026729LazarusLazReportpublic2014-09-29 15:58
ReporterPéter Gábor Assigned ToJesus Reyes  
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Product Version1.3 (SVN) 
Target Version1.4Fixed in Version1.3 (SVN) 
Summary0026729: Report Designer: Function descriptions are not translatable
DescriptionFunction descriptions (also relataed category names) are not translatable and some of them are not translated in runtime (because there are string constants instead of resourcestrings).
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Fixed in Revision46253
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Péter Gábor

2014-09-16 11:17

reporter   ~0077301

Also the function argument editor form is untranslatable...

Jesus Reyes

2014-09-19 05:45

developer   ~0077382

Please be more specific if you want to say a resource is not translatable, say what specific resource, if you mean a dialog, what dialog?, etc.

Attached is a file that show how it looks for me showing spanish translation. Can you please attach a screenshot of yours or your described screen. Thanks.

Jesus Reyes

2014-09-19 05:47


instantánea1.png (23,815 bytes)   
instantánea1.png (23,815 bytes)   

Péter Gábor

2014-09-19 08:04


functions-other-1.png (27,720 bytes)   
functions-other-1.png (27,720 bytes)   

Péter Gábor

2014-09-19 08:04


functions-other-2.png (22,176 bytes)   
functions-other-2.png (22,176 bytes)   

Péter Gábor

2014-09-19 08:11

reporter   ~0077385

Last edited: 2014-09-19 09:02

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On the screenshots the two selected category is both "Other" ("Egyéb").
But it (the category name) is not translated for all functions in the category so it appears as a different category in a translated environment.

"there are string constants instead of resourcestrings" should mean that the category names and the function descriptions are not converted to resourcestrings or they are string constants in the place of usage.

I took a look at the source and there are resourcestrings (e.g. for SWAP in lr_add_function) but some (resource)strings are not exported to the .po file (lr_const.po) and the translation is impossible.

Jesus Reyes

2014-09-19 18:04

developer   ~0077430

So what you didn't say is that you were using the lr_add_functions package, ok. Is now fixed.


Jesus Reyes

2014-09-19 19:08

developer   ~0077431

in r46254 I added the missing po files.

Péter Gábor

2014-09-21 14:50

reporter   ~0077491

I found the functions description in lr_add_functions with a find|grep search, previously I was assuming that all descriptions are in the same source...
Sorry and Thanks!

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