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0027188FPCDebuggerpublic2015-02-16 15:28
ReporterMartin Schreiber Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.6.4 
Summary0027188: gdb can not print FPC class fields
DescriptionThe last working gdb version with FPC is 7.5.1 from 2012, see

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duplicate of 0027136 resolvedMartin Friebe Lazarus Cannot inspect class properties in Debugger 


Marco van de Voort

2014-12-20 14:12

manager   ~0079910

What does trunk do? 2.6 is EOL.

Martin Schreiber

2014-12-21 08:22

reporter   ~0079927

I don't know.

Jonas Maebe

2015-02-16 15:28

manager   ~0081136

It's a gdb bug, on which Pierre is working: (the internal gdb error he's referring to has already been fixed in the mean time).

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