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0027236LazarusDebuggerpublic2015-01-21 04:18
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Summary0027236: Add to Watch window Ctrl+Alt+W hexadecimal index for arrays
DescriptionI am working on emulator of 8-bit computer. I need to watch variables with hexadecimal index.

I need for example:

Please add this index tzpe for watch window.
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Fixed in Revision47478
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Martin Friebe

2015-01-03 19:36

manager   ~0080090

Just a note: Until this is implemented, you should be able to do
That is, if MemoryRAM is a variable accessible to the debugger.

If you want to access memory directly (without a variable, then you can do
However, the memory must be readable to your process. If it is not, then it can not be watched (and that will not change, unless you can provide info how to do so in gdb directly)

You can either select "Memory dump" (in the watches properties), or set "repeat count" and choose "hexadecimal" as format, in order to format the result, and see more than one value/byte.

Martin Friebe

2015-01-21 04:18

manager   ~0080534

Please test and close if ok.

This also fixes some wrong results, as gdb takes 021 as octal (17) which from a pascal point is incorrect.

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