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0027375LazarusLCLpublic2020-03-16 19:20
ReporterDerit Agustin Assigned ToJuha Manninen  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Summary0027375: If a Form is started with wsMaximized (set in OI), it does not restore to designed Size
Descriptionthis attacthed video bug resize form to default size
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Fixed in Revisionr61997, r62113
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related to 0022771 resolvedJuha Manninen When FormStyle = wsMaximized, after restore Widht/Height have wrong values 
related to 0021119 resolvedZeljan Rikalo When a form is started as wsMaximized height and width report design time values 
related to 0036127 resolvedJuha Manninen [Patch] TForm's bounds and restored bounds are inconsistent 


Derit Agustin

2015-01-28 19:08

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Juha Manninen

2015-02-01 10:25

developer   ~0080713

Looks like a bug in Delphi.

Derit Agustin

2015-02-02 02:54

reporter   ~0080746

form in lazarus not resize to default size when border double click

Martin Friebe

2015-02-06 15:59

manager   ~0080816

Can be reproduced:

New project "Application"
Form will have Height 240 Width 320

Change in OI WindowState to vsMaximized


On the running app click the button (right corner of title bar in windows) for wsNormal.

Expected: Form returns to Height 240 Width 320
Actual: Form Height/Width remains equal to Screen Height/Width. Form is only moved a bit.

There is a series of other issues related to WindowState. May or may not be of interest to this

Martin Friebe

2015-02-06 16:02

manager   ~0080817


You can attach videos if you like. But please always give a short written (English) description.

Martin Friebe

2015-02-06 16:05

manager   ~0080818

Changed Subject

Derit Agustin

2015-02-06 21:32

reporter   ~0080822

Last edited: 2015-02-06 21:40

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New project "Application"
Form will have Height 240 Width 320

i Change in OI WindowState to wsMaximized

and Run

result not return to default size the form Height 240 Width 320

i found return Height=screen Height and Width=screen Width of the screen

Juha Manninen

2020-03-16 19:20

developer   ~0121624

Fixed together with related issue 0036127.

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