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0027480FPCCompilerpublic2015-02-16 20:12
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Product Version3.1.1 
Summary0027480: {$align} and {$packrecords} directives do nothing
Description Compiling the following code with trunk freepascal for win32, the field rec2.b should have an offset of 16 from start of record but has an offset of 4.
Steps To Reproduceprogram Project1;


{$align 16}{$packrecords 16}


 if (longint(@abc.b)-longint(@abc))<>16 then // this should be 16 but is 4
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2015-02-16 19:56

administrator   ~0081142

No, the 3.1.1 behaviour is correct. Align 16 means only a maximum alignment of 16, since there is no type involved requiring such an alignment, the highest needed alignment is used.


2015-02-16 20:06

reporter   ~0081143

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But the field rec2.b is 16 byte in size, so from my understanding of the docs of $packrecords ("This means that the elements of a record which have size greater than n will be aligned on n byte boundaries.") I expected that field to have an offset of 16 from start of record.

 If that's really intended, then is the only way to guarantee to 16byte alignment for SSE data fields to manually align with padding data like this?




2015-02-16 20:12

administrator   ~0081144

This is not a help/discussion forum. Please discuss such issues on the mailing lists.

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