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0027540LazarusIDEpublic2020-03-31 13:58
ReporterUlli Richter Assigned To 
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Product Version1.2.6 
Summary0027540: TBitBtn Glyph show no correct in Runtime
DescriptionI use TBitBtn with Glyph in Png-Format.
The transparent color is white.
In Designtime are the colors okay.
But in Runtime the white Color isn't transparent
Fixed in Revision
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related to 0024241 new TBitBtn do not display bitmap correctly 


Ulli Richter

2015-02-25 18:17


Glyph_Error.jpg (85,244 bytes)   
Glyph_Error.jpg (85,244 bytes)   

Ulli Richter

2015-02-25 18:19


Delete_s.png (320 bytes)   
Delete_s.png (320 bytes)   

Ulli Richter

2015-02-26 08:18


test_colors.jpg (378,393 bytes)

Ulli Richter

2015-02-26 08:19

reporter   ~0081440

I have make some tests with glyphs.
The color of the left bottom Corner pixel is set transparent.

Is this right ?

This is the same behavior how in Delphi.

How ever, it should insert in the documentation

jamie philbrook

2015-02-28 00:29

reporter   ~0081493

Yes, that is correct.

The lower left corner is the masking color.

This is documented in old Delphi help files.

Not sure if recent Delphi XE? still does this.

 Beware that if you change the image at run time, the
"Transparent" property must be set to true.
For some reason, assigning a new image does not retain the
current settings of transparent mode, I think it should but
what ever.

Ulli Richter

2015-02-28 18:17

reporter   ~0081511

Thank you for the answer.
Lazarus is a very interesting development tool

Best regards

Ulli Richter

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