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0027546LazarusIDEpublic2015-03-02 17:00
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Summary0027546: Translation for
DescriptionAs for LCL, I've translated 92% of : new items and erroneous translations. Hope it will be useful.
I keep on working on this file but already give it to the communauty.
Best regards
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2015-02-26 15:50

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Maxim Ganetsky

2015-02-26 23:49

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Applied, thanks.

It seems that you edit PO files manually (I noticed several errors and fixed them). Don't do this. Use programs like poEdit ( or Lokalize.

See <lazarus dir>\languages\README.txt for details on translation process.

BTW I noticed "Compilationdu paquet %s" string in your translation. Is it a typo?


2015-02-27 09:04

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Yes, it's a typo... Lots of items contain(ed) typos like this, sometimes for a long time... I'll do my best to read all items again but the file is quite a big one. As mentioned in my post, job isn't done : the file is only (much) better than it was !

I extracted the po file from a fresh SVN po file, but while working a new po file was posted on SVN with new items. I am not used with such tools : i'll look for poEdit... On the forum somebody told me to use pochecker : the problem is it returned no errors.

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