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0027590LazarusOtherpublic2020-08-09 10:43
Reportersamuel herzog Assigned ToJuha Manninen  
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Product Version1.4RC2 
Summary0027590: Example "SingleThreadingExample1" does not compile when Lazarus is installed globally/rpm/deb
DescriptionExample "SingleThreadingExample1" does not compile
Steps To Reproduce1. Start Lazarus.
2. Choose from MainMenu <Tools> <Example Projects>.
3. Open the example "SingleThreadingExample1".
4. Press F9
5. See screenshot. Special Note: I get an Dialog-Box with buttons "Abort" and "Abbrechen" :-)
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related to 0037509 new Userrights issues for running examples 
related to 0035446 assignedJuha Manninen IDE dialog "Example projects" layout 


samuel herzog

2015-03-02 19:12


screenshot.png (156,987 bytes)   
screenshot.png (156,987 bytes)   

Juha Manninen

2015-03-19 14:47

developer   ~0082107

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I think this happens with any project installed in a read-only directory. It is not specific to SingleThreadingExample1.

The Tools -> "Example projects ..." window could help with this problem by moving the project into a temporary writable directory.
That is not a bug fix but a feature, I remove the 1.4 target from this issue now.

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