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0027693FPCFCLpublic2015-09-14 13:31
Reporterfreeman35 Assigned ToMarco van de Voort  
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Product Version3.1.1 
Summary0027693: sockets.pp(20,5) Error: include file not found ""

In lazarus TLTCPComponent compileted and installed without error. when try code complied I get this error and project not compile.
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Jonas Maebe

2015-03-19 16:54

manager   ~0082110

That's a configuration problem in your lazarus. Please ask for help on the fora or mailing lists.

Michael Van Canneyt

2015-03-21 10:30

administrator   ~0082155

This is not a lazarus issue. The files are in the RTL directory.
the sockets are in the rtl-extra directory.

When compiling rtl-extra, the compiler should not look for files in the rtl directory. Either the files are duplicated, or some other option must be found

(Personally, I think these files should not exist to begin with)

Jonas Maebe

2015-03-21 11:05

manager   ~0082157

The error he gets means that he's including the FPC source directories in his search path while building a Lazarus component. This means his configuration is wrong, as only the FPC ppu's should be in the search path. Building programs/units with the FPC unit sources in the search path has always caused problems, and probably always will (unless perhaps if we would make every possible source file name unique in the entire source tree, but I don't see the use of that).

Michael Van Canneyt

2015-03-21 11:21

administrator   ~0082160


When I first checked, find didn't report any
Following your remark, I tried again, and indeed, these files have been duplicated. I must have made a typo in my first attempt.

Not my favourite solution, but indeed the problem is a user problem.

Closing again.

Marco van de Voort

2015-03-22 11:28

manager   ~0082182

(it's the same as in Delphi, the compiler searchpath should only find ppu/dcu's, and the browse path (for debugging, codetools, etc) should have the sources)

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