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0028031LazarusLCLpublic2015-12-25 15:11
ReporterOndrej Pokorny Assigned ToJuha Manninen  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version1.5 (SVN) 
Summary0028031: Main menu items are not available when window width is not big enough
DescriptionMain menu items are not available when window width is not big enough
Steps To ReproduceSet IDE main form width so that the latest menu items are hidden (Window / Help). They are unavailable.

In standard applications, there is an arrow shown at the right edge of the menu that when it is clicked on, popups the unavailable menu items.

See the screenshots.
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WidgetsetGTK 2
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Zeljan Rikalo

2015-05-05 17:10

developer   ~0083477

Menu is native gtk2 widget. So if it's not available then it's gtk2 bug, not lazarus.

Ondrej Pokorny

2015-05-05 17:11


lazarus.png (88,219 bytes)   
lazarus.png (88,219 bytes)   

Ondrej Pokorny

2015-05-05 17:11


kate.png (51,309 bytes)   
kate.png (51,309 bytes)   

Ondrej Pokorny

2015-05-05 17:14

developer   ~0083478

Of course it is a native gtk2 widget - maybe there is some option that has to be set to show the ">" button?

Juha Manninen

2015-05-05 18:14

developer   ~0083481

Kate in the screenshot is a KDE application and uses QT. If you compile Lazarus with QT, there indeed is the arrow and list. I would guess GTK2 has such an options, too, but maybe not.

Juha Manninen

2015-12-25 15:09

developer   ~0088229

Native widgetset behavior.

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