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0028154LazarusIDEpublic2018-01-13 17:55
ReporterMartin Friebe Assigned To 
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Product Version1.5 (SVN) 
Summary0028154: Win32: IDE reports "file not exist" on drag and drop
DescriptionOw Windows:

- create a new file (or rename an old) outside the IDE
- Then drag and drop it to the IDE (without activating the IDE before)

The IDE claims the file does not exists
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Bart Broersma

2015-06-07 15:40

developer   ~0084291

Curious behaviour indeed.
(Lazarus 1.5 r48757 FPC 2.6.4 i386-win32-win32/win64)

Ondrej Pokorny

2015-06-08 14:28


Ondrej Pokorny

2015-06-08 14:28

developer   ~0084302

The problem is in using the FileExistsCached function in "ide/SourceFileManager.pas". When all occurencies of FileExistsCached are replaced by FileExists in that file, the bug disappears.

I attached a sample project (FileExistsCached.lpr) to reproduce the issue.

Bart Broersma

2016-03-29 18:13

developer   ~0091577

The sample program always retruns OK for me.
The problem is not in
FileStateCache.FileExistsCached (this returns True)
but in
TCTDirectoryCachePool.FileExists (this returns False)

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