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Summary0028450: TFrame descendants in d.t. package don't work
DescriptionWhen I create a TFrame descendant and place it into a package using RegisterComponents, then this frame does not drop to form correctly or at all (with exceptions) later, when this package is installed into Lazarus.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create new package, e.g. mypackage.lpk.
2. Create new TFrame, e.g. TMyFrame. Add e.g. two TButtons to it.
3. Add TMyFrame to mypackage.lpk, with RegisterComponents('Sample', [TMyFrame]);
4. Install this package to Lazarus.
5. Start new project with fresh form.
6. Drop TMyFrame from 'Samples' palette to form - the two buttons not shown.
Additional InformationIn Delphi such kind of visual inheritance works fully. With more complex frames exceptions are raised such as Error creating component: TMyFrame Access Violation.
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related to 0020026 acknowledged Lazarus Updating TFrame outside form will not update the frame in parent form 


Juha Manninen

2021-06-11 18:34

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In procedure TComponentSearch.Gather in unit Designer the csInline flag is correctly in a Frame's ComponentState.
Then procedure TCustomFrame.GetChildren is called. There ComponentCount is 0. The 2 added buttons are not there.

A ComponentClass, in this case TFrame, passed to function RegisterComponents() does not carry information about sub-components.
Are you sure it works in Delphi as you described? Maybe there should be a new function RegisterFrame() or similar?

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