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0028545FPCCompilerpublic2015-09-02 14:48
ReporterPatrickS Assigned ToJonas Maebe  
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
PlatformarmhfOSLinux (Wheezy) 
Product Version3.1.1 
Summary0028545: Loading self-build shared lib in lazarus failed
DescriptionIt is not possible to load a self created library (created with lazarus 2.6.4/ and svn-Version) in a lazarus programm. BUT it is possible to load other created shared libs. Inder Linux (x64) and Windows (x64) it is possible.
Steps To ReproduceCompile the following lib under armhf with compiler 3.1.1 under linux ant try to load it in the programm beneth the lib:

Code for the shared lib:

library project1_dll;

{$mode objfpc}{$H+}

  { you can add units after this };

  function Patrick_Add(a,b:integer):integer;cdecl;export;

exports Patrick_Add;


CODE for the programm:
program project1;

{$mode objfpc}{$H+}

  {$IFDEF UNIX}{$IFDEF UseCThreads}
  { you can add units after this };

type TPatrick_Add=function(a,b:integer):integer;

var mylib:TLibHandle = dynlibs.NilHandle;
    MyFunc: TPatrick_Add;

     if mylib = dynlibs.NilHandle then Writeln('Problem found')
                                  else begin
                                    if MyFunc<>nil then Writeln('Func Found');


Additional InformationTried to load the lib under fpc-2.6.4 (armhf) and 3.1.1(armhf)
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duplicate of 0026454 resolvedFlorian FPC program can't load a FPC shared library on armhf-linux (RPi) 



2015-08-19 14:19

reporter   ~0085439

The Path was changed under unix in /Path_to_lib/


2015-08-20 09:08

reporter   ~0085457

Here is also a link to a forum ticket which also handles with this topic.

Anton Kavalenka

2015-08-20 16:51

reporter   ~0085462

maybe 0026454


2015-08-29 15:33

reporter   ~0085581

Hey, I tried this thing, but it fails. There is always and end which says do not known "cycle" no rule to build.

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