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0028633LazarusPackagespublic2015-09-16 17:17
ReporterBart BroersmaAssigned ToBart Broersma 
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Platformi386OSWindowOS VersionWin7
Product Version1.5 (SVN)Product Buildr49759 
Target Version1.6Fixed in Version1.6 
Summary0028633: TSynExporterHTML does not correctly calculate HTML Format information for Windows ClipBoard
DescriptionWhen exporting (and ExportAsText = False) the exporter inserts a header into the exported text, containing some information that the Windows clipboard needs (when you copy to it).
This info looks like:

However, when you change the value of CreateHTMLFragment, the position of StartFragment, and the position of EndFragment change, but this is not reflected in the computed information.
Steps To ReproduceBuild and run attached sample.
Check or uncheck the appropriate checkbox, then click Button1.
Observe the output.

Note: you need to run the program from withing the folder where it's sourcecode is located.
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Fixed in Revisionr49820
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Bart Broersma

2015-09-07 20:29

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