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0028824FPCCompilerpublic2019-06-08 12:56
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Summary0028824: Compiler does not respect type aliases when overloading

Type aliases look like are messed up when overloading functions.
I assume type aliases should be respected in "inline" type declarations.

See attached project.
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Denis Golovan

2015-10-11 15:11


project1.lpr (1,409 bytes)

Misha Strong

2015-10-11 16:04

reporter   ~0086448

Maybe using VAR parameters makes it a stricter match.

I apoligize if I'm confused.

Misha Strong

2015-10-11 16:42

reporter   ~0086451

I got it!

Put each Integer inside a record.

x:array of TInt;

Denis Golovan

2015-10-11 17:11

reporter   ~0086456

Not relevant.
See original name for this bugreport - "... type aliases ..."

Misha Strong

2015-10-11 17:42

reporter   ~0086459

I do know, that Delphi arrays are separate, while FPC arrays are shared.

In other words:
Type TArray=array of Integer;
TArray2=array of Integer;// These are two different things under Delphi.

But they are the same under FPC. Perhaps this is your problem?

Denis Golovan

2015-10-11 17:50

reporter   ~0086460

> I do know, that Delphi arrays are separate, while FPC arrays are shared.
That's not true. They are not the same.

Denis Golovan

2019-06-08 12:56

reporter   ~0116623

Still present in rev.42189

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