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0028989LazarusIDEpublic2021-06-11 07:56
ReporterJulian Puhl Assigned ToPascal Riekenberg  
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Product Version1.5 (SVN) 
Summary0028989: Code completion can not resolve generic types used in nested classes/objects/records

  T3 = record
    Var1: Integer;
    Var2: Integer;

  generic T1<T> = object
    type T2 = record
      TestVar2: T;
    TestVar1: T;

  TTest1 = specialize T1<T3>;

  testing: TTest1;
  testing2: TTest1.T2;

  testing.TestVar1.; //CTRL-Space shows Var1 and Var2
  testing2.TestVar2.; //CTRL-Space shows error: illegal qualifier . found
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related to 0036981 closedMattias Gaertner Codetools: code completion for "FOR var IN" with generic class does not work 
related to 0038970 new Code navigation fails on generic nested types 


Julian Puhl

2015-11-11 15:12

reporter   ~0087235

I've done some debugging and it seems that it fails because GenParams.SpecializeParamsNode is nil when calling TFindDeclarationParams.FindGenericParamType. For TestVar1 this is not the case. I did not debug any further for now.

Julian Puhl

2017-04-25 08:48

reporter   ~0099906

It has been some time by now. For now we work around the bug with not using nested types plus casting variables to external types when necessary. Basically this means extra code so that the completion works.

How difficult is this problem to fix and do you plan to fix it at some point? Maybe you can point me in the right direction to what has to be done and I can try to fix it. I did try it once but got only mixed results plus the cache did break it often.

Mattias Gaertner

2017-04-25 09:18

manager   ~0099910

AFAIK Ondrej Pokorny implemented the current generics search in codetools.
You can ask him on the list or the forum.

Juha Manninen

2020-05-11 14:29

developer   ~0122715

Is this still valid?

Pascal Riekenberg

2020-05-11 19:42

developer   ~0122718

Yes, it is.

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