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0028995LazarusIDEpublic2017-12-14 14:05
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Fixed in Version1.6 
Summary0028995: Window positions garbled after startup on multi-mon
DescriptionIt seems that Ubuntu 15.10 (Unity Desktop) has fixed multi-monitor issues that I've been having on my particular display configuration.

However, Lazarus cannot restore window positions properly - "Restore window geometry" is set for every window, but after restart, they are set to some semi-random values. In fact, even after you move some windows around, their position values don't seem to change at all in "Window positions" category. Manually changing these values, selecting "Custom geometry" and clicking "Apply" doesn't seem to change anything either.
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Fixed in Revision50387
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has duplicate 0025540 resolvedOndrej Pokorny Windows won't keep position on second monitor 
related to 0029702 resolvedOndrej Pokorny "Get Position" in IDE Options not working 



2015-11-11 20:34



2015-11-11 20:34



2015-11-11 20:34



2015-11-11 20:38

reporter   ~0087246

I've attached screenshots - before closing Lazarus, after restarting, and my multi-mon configuration.

Note that this doesn't seem to be a LCL issue - in new app, if you add button and in code add something like "Left := Left + 100" - this does seem to move the window around just fine. Only Lazarus for some reason cannot change its own window positions.


2015-11-14 06:17

reporter   ~0087275

Also, when opening Lazarus IDE on fresh installation with multi-mon setup above, closing sample project that is created by default and clicking "Open" (to open existing project) - IDE gets Access Violation and Ubuntu suggests to kill it. If this is ignored, IDE hangs completely.

This AV makes IDE almost unusable. The only workaround I found is not to close sample project but click "Open" to open existing project - this prevents AV. However, should you ever close current project again and try to open another one - AV. This especially gets annoying because once AV occurs, you have to restart IDE and reaccomodate all the windows again, which are placed randomly (see screenshot) on each (re)start.


2015-11-14 23:32

reporter   ~0087287

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By the way, same issue occurs on Xfce desktop with similar multi-mon configuration - positions are not restored and AV when you close and try to open another project.

When Lazarus is compiled and ran with QT widgetset (as opposed to GTK2), it seems to restore positions better, though main menu and messages seem to move by around 20 pixels to top or right after each restart.


2015-11-16 17:33

reporter   ~0087324

Confirmed this is for the Win32 build as well. 5 monitor setup here. It is like the defaults are only being honored and not being pulled in via config.

I've also noted that in 1.4.4, the config dialog box was able to detect what windows were open so you could click the "Get Position" button to get the current coordinates. In the trunk build, the "Get Position" window does not get enabled.

Either the detection mechanism that finds each window and updates the form isn't working so it isn't applying the changes read from the environment config, or, the configurations aren't being loaded properly. I suspect prior since the UI isn't reflecting a proper detection by enabling the button properly.


2015-11-16 17:34


LazWindow.png (94,898 bytes)   
LazWindow.png (94,898 bytes)   


2015-11-17 00:13

reporter   ~0087344

Actually, I could only reproduce this issue on multi-mon setup on Linux, in Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 15.10 and Xubuntu 15.10 (all 64-bit). On same OSes, if only one monitor is used - there are no problems, Lazarus does seem to recover positions.

On Windows 7 x64 and exactly same multi-mon setup, it does seem to recover window positions okay.

However, I do get issues mentioned by Pontiac - "Get position" never gets enabled and "Apply" does nothing, either on Linux (GTK2) or Windows.


2015-11-17 19:25

reporter   ~0087365

I think I understand what is happening now.

lifepower> Can you verify (In multi-monitor mode) that if you set the configuration for your windows sit within the screen resolution of your primary monitor (I'm not running Linux at this time, but I might setup a VM to deal with this) and restart the app and see if your screen positions are retained? So set your main IDE to be something like top:left:width:height to be like 100:100:1000:60 and see if the positions are set as expected? Also, try moving them to outside your monitors max widths (So say 2000:100:1000:60) and see if the window 'snaps' to the right side of your primary screen.

When the windows are being positioned, the routine:>TCustomForm.MakeFullyVisible

is being called. As per - Search for that function.

The function of this procedure is to make sure that the form stays completely visible on the primary monitor. In my case, my physical monitors are laid out like:


And 4 is my primary monitor which means that monitor 3 has a negative left coordinate. Still valid for visible desktop, but invalid as far as this function is concerned. If I set the Main IDE to be in a position within the desktop area of monitor 4 (1920x1080) the Main IDE window shows up as specified. When I start setting the configuration to put the window outside the 1920x1080 range, the window is positioned and hugs the screen border.

So no consideration is being made for multi-monitor setup where other screens are concerned at all. As it sits, all your IDE windows show up on your primary monitor, period.

I'm going to check the history on this and see if it can be undone, or, if I can implement a routine to allow for snapping within monitors that aren't your primary.

Ondrej Pokorny

2015-11-18 14:04

developer   ~0087383

Please test and close if OK.
The AV-issue should be reported separately, if it still persists.


2015-11-18 17:11

reporter   ~0087386

Excellent work, now positions are restored correctly on my configuration. Many thanks!

P.S. AV issue was reported separately and has also been resolved.

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