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0029017FPCCompilerpublic2016-01-25 14:29
ReporterMarius MaximusAssigned ToJonas Maebe 
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Platform64bitOSDebianOS Version8
Product Version3.1.1Product Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0029017: Can't build FPC after revision 32335
DescriptionError message:

/home/l1/t11/fpcbootstrap/x86_64-linux-ppcx64 -Ur -Ur -Xs -O2 -n -Fi../inc -Fi../x86_64 -Fi../unix -Fix86_64 -FE. -FU/home/l1/t11/fpc/rtl/units/x86_64-linux -Cg -g -gl -O1 -dx86_64 -dRELEASE ../objpas/types.pp,23) Error: It is not possible to overload this operator. Related overloadable operators (if any) are:,24) Error: It is not possible to overload this operator. Related overloadable operators (if any) are:,24) Fatal: Syntax error, ":" expected but ">" found
Fatal: Compilation aborted

Steps To Reproduce./fpcup_linux_x64 \
    --installdir=/home/l1/t11 \
    --noconfirm --verbose \
    --fpcURL=trunk --lazURL=trunk \
    --fpcopt="-g -gl -O1" --lazopt="-g -gl -O1" \
    --logfilename=fpc64.log \
    --lazlinkname=LAZ_64 --include=zeos,bgracontrols

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Jonas Maebe

2015-11-16 13:21

manager   ~0087316

What is the version number of your bootstrap compiler?

Marius Maximus

2015-11-16 21:43

reporter   ~0087337

./x86_64-linux-ppcx64 -v
Free Pascal Compiler version 2.6.2 [2013/02/16] for x86_64
Copyright (c) 1993-2012 by Florian Klaempfl and others

Marco van de Voort

2015-11-16 21:53

manager   ~0087340

The only supported bootstrap compiler is the previous release, which is currently 2.6.4

Jonas Maebe

2015-11-16 23:09

manager   ~0087342

Please remove any make options you may have added to disable version checks, because normally the makefile will abort if you use an unsupported version to bootstrap.

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